The Lands of Theras

The Lands of Theras consist of a kingdom divided into 4 major settlements.

Central Lacula

Central Lacula is a fortified city in the center of Therias, protected by its own knight-guards under the ruling of King Menior. Central Lacula has been under lockdown over the Dragon-rot infection cases. Only guards from the city are allowed to go outside and roam the place without danger. Any tresspaser will be killed on sight.

The swamps of parnos

The Swamps of Parnos are a vast extension of marshlands, located at the northwest, surrounded by lakes and rivers. The ground is prone to sinkholes, making those who live in Parnos require a housing that's elevated off the mud. Parnos is mostly left unprotected, it's former protectors, The Order of the Eye, perished in unknown circumstances generations ago, only leaving traces and protection marks around the place.

The militarized forest of Herdun

The Militarized Forest of Herdun is a settlement located in the southeast of Theras. The thick folliage offers both protection and shade. The only residents of the forest are soldiers under King Menior's command. It serves as an armory and training camp.

The wastelands of perses

The Wastelands of Perses is a large barren land located at the northeast of the region where most mercenaries and thiefs live. Most of the dragons come from this place. The Wastelands were formerly used to dig up metal and other materials. All those mines are now abandoned and inhabited by the thiefs.

The knights of lacula

The Knights of Lacula are the guards of Central Lacula. Their purpose is clear, no one enters, no one comes out. They are easily spotted, their armor is golden to keep the prestige of King Menior in constant parade, but under their pristine appearance and impeccable manners they are violent and will treat outsiders like dogs, between them, The Order of The Eye.

The order of the eye

The Order of The Eye were the former protectors of The Swamps of Parnos. They are currently gone for the majority, their only existing member is Moloch. The Order has always been a mystery to those outside of it, even the people of Parnos don't know much about them, but they trusted their protection blindly. All that is known is their symbol, an eye.

The dragons

The Dragon-Rot Infected dragons tend to be Zombie-Like and are driven by their primal hunting instincts. Their flesh is decaying from the insides, causing difficulties in movement and major pain to the creature. Their sight is limited and they are mostly blind, although they have an acute sense of smell and hearing that makes them Apex predators in the lands of Therias.

Their bone plates located in the front of their necks aren't fused together thanks to the infection, causing their distinctive rattle sound as they move, allowing them to make bellowing sounds. These plates can open and launch rotting chunks of flesh directly to the ground, that if in contact of a living being, can infect with the disease.

moloch of parnos

Moloch of Parnos, or just Moloch is a knight-mercenary infected with early-stage Dragon-rot. He's the last remaining member of The Order of The Eye. He fled his home in Parnos to seek for a cure to Dragon-rot, that's rumored to be in possession of King Menior.